More on Google/JotSpot

Ben, in the comments, wrote:

But they already have Google Notebook ( which I always thought of as a WYSIWYG wiki.

JotSpot certainly fits in with their suite of web services though.

I think the last point is the key. I don’t think the Googleised version of JotSpot (Gspot?) will be intended as a service to the everyday web user in the way that, say, the toolbar, desktop search and notes are. Instead, it will be the glue that sticks all their ‘enterprise’ (by which I mean services a small to medium business could use) services together – Docs, Spreadsheet, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Blogger, Base, Page Creator.

What Google is currently lacking with all the services above is a common platform, or a base, from which they can all be launched. For instance, they really need to sort out a single Google ‘drive’ where all files, whether blogger posts, Gmail attachments, docs, spreadhseets, Picasa photos or whatever, are stored under a user name. JotSpot could act very well as a file manager for all of this as well as providing the collaborative space to link them all together with multiple users, with shared files across a certain group, for example.

So, you could have a small business with a number of home based employees, each with certain access to certain files, along with a wiki-based intranet (effectively) which would act as a communication tool as well as a base for project management and the like. All files could be accessible to all employees wherever they are based, wherever they log in.

And that would be pretty cool. Of course, companies like Zoho are already providing something very similar. But they don’t have the Google brand to break through in the way an integrated Google system could.

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