Wikis and whatnot

Work continues apace on what is only the second day of LGNewMedia. While the four sections of the site all look very different, I’m hoping to add some consistency of visuals by producing a common logo, based on the one used at LGSearch. Once that’s done, I think things will look a little more uniform. I have done nothing to set the forum up yet, though I have quite a bit of experience with phpBB so hopefully that won’t take too long!

My original choice for a wiki was PMWiki, which is lightweight and more than adequate for my needs. However, I have suspicions that it might just be a little too techy for a lot of people’s experience, so I went with MediaWiki, the engine that drives Wikipedia. This is a case, frankly, of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but MediaWiki is way easier to use that PMWiki and can produce some nicer looking designs.

So, I have the front page of the wiki looking quite nice, with some highlighted headings for the various sections of the site. The only problem I am facing is that the text links in the top right of the screen on this blog, the forum and LGSearch are missing, and I haven’t figured out yet how to edit the wiki template to put them in there! Am sure it will come in time.

The other slight disappointment is that I am unable to run the latest version of MediaWiki, as it requires PHP5 to run on your server. My hosts only have PHP4 point something, so I am having to run a legacy version of the software. Oh well, it’ll do for the likes of me, I’m sure!

Update: The wiki is now hosted at Wikispaces.