Amazon launches Amapedia

Amazon have launched a new site, Amapedia, which is a wiki for products. Nice idea.

Effectively, it gives people a chance to write about the stuff they like which can be bought from Amazon. I guess that means writing about stuff you hate is possible too. What makes the whole site extra cool is the use of tags to help you find related stuff

The guys at Read/WriteWeb have it summed up pretty well:

The site looks pretty raw currently and has little info in it – it is after all brand new. But a wikipedia for products makes perfect sense for Amazon. Who better to spotlight products and gather product information from the community, than Amazon? Another way to look at this: Amapedia could become the next generation of user reviews. User reviews on websites today are relatively rigid and old fashioned, so Amazon may be thinking that Amapedia will be a new platform for user reviews – it may help remove redundancy in reviews, while offering more completeness.

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