Scoble and PayPerPost

Robert Scoble has enraged many in the blogosphere by accepting an invitation to speak to a conference organised and sponsored by PayPerPost – everyone’s most hated blog-related company.

I know this conference will be controversial — one way to get discussions among bloggers broiling is to bring up PayPerPost. Certainly more controversial than speaking at Gnomedex, LIFT, or Northern Voice or something like that.

Why do it then? Cause I’m a capitalist and because I think that blog advertising is something that we should talk about. Disclosure is something those of us who accept payments are figuring out how to do. I didn’t do it well last weekend. Microsoft didn’t do it well when they handed out laptops. And I’m still not that satisfied by PayPerPost’s disclosure policy either. I’m sure we’re far from seeing the last controversy here

Unsuprisingly, he is getting a kicking in the comments. His co-author and friend Shel Israel doesn’t hold back himself:

I am personally dosappointed that you have chosen to do this. To me Pay for Post represents everything that the book you and I wrote opposes. I wish you would change your mind. This will not help your reputation.

One more thought, Robert. You taught me the standards for blogging that I adhere to. It is what you taught me that makes me so passionately oppose Pay per Post, who have shown themselves to be the sidewalk hookers of the blogosphere. Robert, I really hope you cancel. In the long run, you will be doing PodTech a service.

It seems like Scoble is on a mission to destroy the goodwill he has built up for himself, what with this and last week’s hissy fit. Very strange behaviour.

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