Why I still read newspapers

Despite being an avid reader of RSS feeds – not just from blogs, but other sites like newspapers, and other new organisations – I still get a newspaper every day. I guess this runs somewhat contrary to the idea that the use of web technology to deliver news will eventually mean the death of the printed press.

So why do I still buy newspapers, when all the content I am interested in is available free online?

Well, there is the obvious thing about how nice it is to have a newspaper in your hands, sticky ink and all. But for me, the main thing is that having the paper in front of me makes me read stuff that I’m not necessarily interested in.

One of the main things on here is the business news. It’s actually quite interesting, who is buying who and what’s going on in the stock markets and stuff. I don’t really understand it, but it’s still good reading. Now, if I am reading a newspaper online, I wouldn’t go near the business section, because it isn’t one of my main interests.