I’ve changed things around quite a bit on this blog, partly in an attempt to force myself to update it a little more often.

I’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, 2.1, which does various things in a much nicer way for me, though readers don’t get a great deal more out of it. I’ve put a new theme in place to make the site look a bit nicer, and installed some quite cool plugins which add some extra functionality.

At some point I’ll do a post on setting up a WordPress blog, with information on what all of this stuff does.

I have killed LGKnowledge for now – the open source project behind the platform I was using seems to have stalled. I’ll keep my eye on it, because I think this could be a really useful tool in the future, once the spamming problems are sorted out.

In the interests of saving diskspace, I’ve also deleted the forum on here. I was never going to have the time to really make it work well, and there is never anything more depressing on a site than to see a forum with no posts in it! So, I will concentrate my efforts on this blog and LGSearch. I’ll keep the wiki in place as it’s a useful way of storing documentation.