A Wiki for your Desktop

My last post was about some of the benefits that wikis can have for an organisation. Of course, one of the issues with wikis is the fact that you have to get the agreement of your IT department for them to install one for you – the other option is to use a third party hosted solution, like the excellent Wikispaces, but you have to be sure that data is secure.

Another option, though, is to run the wiki from your desktop, and the perfect application to do this with is TiddlyWiki.

Tiddlywiki consists of a single html page, chock full of javascript, which you can download and start using straight away. By putting it on a shared network drive, say, you can share the wiki between an entire team. Other options might be to keep it as a personal organisational tool, on your USB key, for example.

I find TiddlyWiki to be the perfect electronic notebook, and a great way of showing people the benefits of wiki working. For exponents of Getting Things Done, there’s a special customised version available.