The importance of the browser


Simon Dickson points out that the latest Beta of Safari, the web browser for the MacOS operating system, has now been ported to Windows.

I’ve just installed the new public beta of Apple’s Safari browser on my Windows PC. It works, it looks like a Mac app, and it seems pretty quick. Will I be switching from Firefox? Er, no. And I can’t imagine many others doing so either, speed boost or no speed boost.

I’m going to download it and have a play, as Simon says, it’s good for testing if nothing else. But I’m a FireFox man through and through.

There is a big, long post brewing inside me at the moment about browsers and their use within local government. I feel it’s one of the major things holding back the use of new web technology in the sector.

We need to get Firefox into local government – or at the very least, IE7.

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