Replacing Notepad

notepad Notepad, as I am sure everyone knows, is a text editor that comes free with Windows. It’s very, very basic, but that’s part of its charm. I use it quite a lot, for quickly editing HTML or PHP pages, or sometimes just to strip the formatting from some text I am copying and pasting.

The trouble is that Notepad is sometimes a little too minimalist, and there are a number of free (as in beer, though sometimes as in speech too) replacements out there vying for your text. They offer functionality such as allowing much larger file sizes than Notepad can, having more than one file open at a time, and some fancy scripting markup effects. Here’s a couple of examples of what text editors are out there.

(Please bear in mind that I am not wanting to generate some kind of mad Vi vs. Emacs text editor flame-war here! But please do leave a comment letting everyone know what your favourite text editor is 😉 )