I was alerted by Neville Hobson‘s tweet that a bug fix release of FeedDemon was available for download. This announcement came through the FD support forums, which I never look at, so am thankful to Neville for bringing it to my attention.

The upgrade fixes bugs like:

  • New instance of FeedDemon loads with misleading “application is hung” error message when attempting to subscribe from Firefox (123414)
  • Cyrillic characters don’t display correctly in FeedDemon’s desktop alert
  • Buttons cut off on keyboard shortcuts dialog when running at 120dpi
  • Exception when importing invalid OPML (123539)
  • Exception after synching on Windows 98
  • Exception in prefetch options when setting “max items to prefetch” (124117)
  • Wrong/ugly colors in newspaper header with some XP or WindowBlinds themes (124000)
  • Thousands separators missing from large numbers displayed in panic button dialog and elsewhere (123986)

The top one (my emphasis) was a big fix for me, as this was proving a major pain in the neck, as I mentioned here.