Shine Unconference 2008

This weekend there is a really exciting event going on at the Bargehouse in London – it’s simply called Shine.

For three days, The Bargehouse at the heart of London’s Southbank will host a mash-up gathering, an ‘Un’Conference that will invigorate your thinking and give you the practical help to advance your business, whatever stage you’re at.

Long presentations, boring speeches and being trapped in closed rooms are out. Peer-to-peer exchanges, info-snacking and flexible sessions are in.

The content is contributed by participants, and there is no compulsory programme. Make your own event.

Sounds good to me.

Sadly I won’t be able to make it though – I already had a load of fun stuff planned as it’s my birthday on Sunday – but I’ll be getting involved at a distance through the social reporting blog that has been set up by David Wilcox, Nick Temple and Paul Henderson.

They will be posting blog entries, videos, photos and other media on the site, which also aggregates bits on content in the sidebar, like links and twitter posts via hashtags.

All of this can only be brought together with a bit of forward planning with regard to agreeing on a common tag, which for this event is shine2008, perhaps unsurprisingly.

There is also a Qik event page, where you can have the chance to watch some live video streaming from a mobile phone.