The first London Net Tuesday!

Amy Sample Ward has already arranged the first meeting of the London Net Tuesday group, which you can find out all about at For the pathologically click-lazy, it’s on November 4th at the Charity Technology Trust.

Here’s the official announcement on NetSquared.

It looks like it is going to be a really fun event, with the focus of the first meet being blogging:

The 4 Nov. event topic is blogging. But not just some folks talking about blogging who already use it, or only want to talk about their own blog. This is going to be a bit more fun: we will have a select group ‘representing’ their preferred blogging platform go head-to-head over the capabilities, functionality, and general goodness of their chosen platform. This way we can hear the ins and outs of platforms in a way we may not usually experience. This discussion will be followed by a conversation with questions and answers about the various ways nonprofit organizations can introduce and utilize blogs to connect with communities.

A good time is guaranteed for all!