Bookmarks for December 22nd through December 23rd

Awesomeness off of the internet for December 22nd to December 23rd:

  • Small Business Blog – You’re the Boss Blog – – Nice blog from the NY Times on 'the art of running a small business'
  • Nixle – "Trusted neighborhood news & information sent to your mobile phone & email, directly from your local police department & community agencies."
  • Essex gambles on outcomes – and a change in government – "If Essex's experiment is not to suffer the same fate as other bold, but ultimately frustrated, local authority strategic partnerships, it will need the full backing of central government to enable outcome-based commissioning and to bash heads on workforce cuts and shared services. No doubt this is what Essex's Conservative leadership is counting on."
  • TechHub – "TechHub is a new and exciting project to create a physical space for tech startups in London reaching out to entrepreneurs across the UK, Europe and the USA."
  • IBM takes on services in Essex as part of £5bn privatisation deal – "A Conservative council has signed a pioneering deal with IBM worth up to £5.4 billion to manage and provide public services in a new wave of privatisation supported by David Cameron."
  • chief executive SHDC – A blogging local authority chief exec – Terry Huggins at South Holland District Council. He is also on Twitter @terryhuggins