Bookmarks for January 26th through February 3rd

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to.

  • A Policy Dialogue Platform | Promoting Better Governance – "As part of the CIO Series 2009-10, Dave Mansfield answered questions on role of ICT in local government- the benefits, the challenges as well as what the future holds."
  • Repping the UK Scene | Huddle Up –’s Official Collaboration Blog – Interesting! "Our entry was an over-ambitious and unwieldy affair: we wanted to synchronise content between different instances of Sharepoint, each behind their own corporate firewall, using the collaboration features of Huddle to provide the heavy lifting and identity federation."
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Newspapers v councils « Tom Calver’s musings – "And behind the whole local paper argument though there seems to be a staggering arrogance. These owners and their journalists apparently believe that their papers have a right to exist that is independent of their readers. Even if nobody reads it, the very existence of the paper is a Good Thing."
  • eLearn: Best Practices – Tips for Effective Webinars – "Giving an effective webinar requires some presentation redesign and technology skills that you don't necessarily need in a face-to-face presentation. A great speaker in a face-to-face environment can easily crash and burn in a webinar setting if he or she isn't prepared for the unique challenges and needs of that environment."
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Your EIGHT step guide to getting started… « The Dan Slee Blog – Dan Slee is a credit to Walsall Council. "Here’s some thoughts on how to go about turning your organisation into something fit for the 21st century."
  • Google Reader (1000+) – The event is about bringing local innovators together for a day to develop prototypes of online tools that tackle challenges about accessing local public sector services online – basically looking to make local residents’ lives easier through better online tools. And the things the event creates should be easily reused in other local areas throughout the UK.
  • Jailbrake – "Jailbrake is a competition to find and support great ideas that could break the cycle of youth offending using simple web and mobile tools."
  • Rocketbox – Powerful e-mail search for Apple Mail – "Rocketbox is a powerful, new way of searching your e-mail in Apple It's never been faster or easier to find what you need."
  • HipChat – Private chat for your company or team – "HipChat brings better-than-enterprise instant messaging to your organization. Get more done with chat rooms, file sharing, and searchable chat history. It’s a more productive and fun way to work."

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