Yet more gadding about

Boarding at last

Another busy week, this one.

On Wednesday, Learning Pool are hosting another local government breakfast meeting, at Coventry City Council’s offices. We’ll have a range of contributors from local authorities, as well as me. Details here – do come if you can.

Thursday is LocalGovCamp day, this time in London. Well done to Anke Holst for organising it all – it promises to be a great day. Mary and I will be there from Learning Pool, and I’m hopefully going to be organising a session around whether councils can feasibly engage with citizens when people within those councils aren’t talking to each other on a regular basis. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Then on Friday, we’ll be hot-footing it back to Learning Pool towers in Derry for the LP Christmas party! Bit belated, but then that should mean we’ll all be well up for it.

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