Daily note for 12 June 2023

I don’t do so well in this heat.

I’m really enjoying an Apple Music playlist, Living the Library – fairly quiet, mostly instrumental ‘electronic’ music. Good to work to.

Interesting point made by Brandon on Software Defined Talk, that I hadn’t really thought about before. The advantage of distributed networks like Mastodon for organisations is the ability to host a server and control who has accounts on that server. So rather than (say) BBC employees going through a verification process to prove who they are, like on Twitter in days gone by, instead they just have an account on the official BBC Mastodon. Bit like having a bbc.co.uk email address. Makes sense. https://www.softwaredefinedtalk.com/414

Neville Hobson shares his thoughts on Bluesky, an invite only Twitter clone https://www.nevillehobson.com/2023/06/06/early-days-experiences-on-bluesky/

Some really interesting jobs going in Birmingham, to embed digital culture and capabilities into the team https://jobs.digitalbirmingham.org/culture-capability/

"Communities of Practice within and across organizations: a guidebook" https://www.wenger-trayner.com/cop-guidebook/