Daily note for 10 July 2023

Just published my newsletter – a few opinions and a lot of links (and the usual photo of a daft dog) https://daveslist.substack.com/p/daves-list-vol-3-issue-2

“Reviewing the Local Digital Declaration 5 years on: Update on the discovery project” https://dluhcdigital.blog.gov.uk/2023/07/03/reviewing-the-local-digital-declaration-5-years-on-update-on-the-discovery-project/

On reflection, my honest view is that, 5 years in, councils that have signed the declaration really ought to be doing an awful lot more of the things they signed up to do. The declaration’s content is fine. It just needs to be acted on.

Here’s a council that actually is acting on the declaration: “Establishing an Agile Delivery Management Community” https://servicetransformation.blog.essex.gov.uk/2023/07/07/establishing-an-agile-delivery-management-community/

This is one of those articles that goes after a sacred cow or two, and is pretty excorciating in places. I don’t agree with much of it, but it sure is a useful challenge: “Beware the Digital Whiteboard” https://www.wired.com/story/beware-the-digital-whiteboard/

Such a good job going at such a good council: https://ats-adurworthing.jgp.co.uk/vacancies/244465?ga_client_id=d7e337cd-2454-49b5-9dc7-3ef60845d457

Some lovely reflections from Lloyd: “What was all that about then?” https://perfectpath.co.uk/2023/07/10/what-was-all-that-about-then/