Daily note for 19 July 2023

Another newsletter went out today: https://www.davebriggs.email/p/daveslist-volume-3-issue-4

“Teaching agility, not Agileā„¢” https://medium.com/@rchatley/teaching-agility-not-agile-a69ed6644682

Ooooooh: “Open Working 101” https://medium.com/we-are-cast/open-working-101-f8fa10385061

Daughter was telling me this morning about dog and cat based ASMR videos, and I said I really don’t think that was what TBL had in mind when he invented the web and she said dad, you’re so old.

Ben Unsworth, talking about digital transformation in local government. What’s not to like? https://open.spotify.com/episode/5dwqlqSqoRlZ1zJiB8xr9t

Stockport Council asks “How can we use data to help support people to leave hospital when safe and appropriate to do so?” https://www.digitalstockport.info/how-can-we-use-data-to-help-support-people-to-leave-hospital-when-safe-and-appropriate-to-do-so/

The Digital Inclusion Toolkit is looking for sponsors. If you can, you should: https://digitalinclusionkit.org/digital-inclusion-news/sponsor-the-digital-inclusion-toolkit/

Am stepping things up a bit with localgov.blog. Have coerced Steph Gray into helping me migrate and upgrade the whole thing, and set up a Basecamp site (still my favourite online collaboration thingy) to get all the users in one conversation to help me understand better what they need.

My Bluesky experience so far has been mostly terrible. I really don’t like the website interface – it feels like something I might have put together myself. Notifications fail to clear, and the same posts are always just there for some reason. I don’t follow enough people, is no doubt part of the problem.