Daily note for 26 July 2023

I sent a newsletter – https://www.davebriggs.email/p/daveslist-volume-3-issue-6

“Maybe the real design tool was all the conversation we had along the way” https://www.dxw.com/2023/07/maybe-the-real-design-tool-was-all-the-conversation-we-had-along-the-way/

Am consistently impressed with dxw’s blogging. Always authentic, always helpful. Very rarely sales-y.

Last weekend we started watching the Mission:Impossible films in order. Fair to say they are of variable quality. However, my favourite moment BY FAR is in the first one. Tom Cruise’s character needs to track down the identity of someone codenamed ‘Max’. He knows they sometimes use the internet. He opens his laptop, and with a sense of expectation searches Usenet for the URL ‘max.com’ and hits enter. The sense of disappointment on his face when this brilliant scheme doesn’t produce results is heartbreaking.