Daily note for 1 August 2023

Not published one of these for a while.

Newsletter went out yesterday, with a long article I wrote at the weekend about the local digital declaration and where things are at: https://www.davebriggs.email/p/daveslist-volume-3-issue-7

Some great, addictive little browser games in here: https://kottke.org/23/07/your-favorite-addictive-flash-games-back-from-the-dead

Does the browser need reimagining? These folk seem to think so: https://arc.net/ – I don’t like the insistence on opening an account before you can do anything else.

Really excellent advice on ‘shadow IT’ https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/shadow-it

“Worldcoin: a solution in search of its problem” https://newsletter.mollywhite.net/p/worldcoin-a-solution-in-search-of

“The eternal principles of an (enterprise) app stack” https://cote.io/2023/08/01/the-eternal-principles.html