Daily note for 8 August 2023

A 17 minute video on web accessibility. Lovely! https://gcs.civilservice.gov.uk/webinars/digital-accessibility-best-practice-essentials-2/

An explainer from some clever people about AI and public services: https://public.digital/2023/08/08/what-public-digital-thinks-about-ai-the-short-read

“Dear Alt-Twitter Designers: It’s about the network!” http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2023/07/19/dear-alt-twitter-designers-its-about-the-network.html

“How common platforms deliver brilliant digital services” https://gds.blog.gov.uk/2023/08/08/how-common-platforms-deliver-brilliant-digital-services/

Some intresting points on the political side of tech policy – “Manifesto manifestation” https://blangry.medium.com/manifesto-manifestation-877001398ed0

“Wigan Council and residents win from digital deal – a decade on, a focus on residents’ needs backed by digital efficiency is benefiting Wigan’s local authority and citizens” https://diginomica.com/wigan-council-and-residents-win-digital-deal

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