Daily note for 17 August 2023

Two days in a row out of the house! First time that has happened in a while. Today, I am knackered.

“Digital proof: where one service ends, another begins” https://www.dxw.com/2023/08/digital-proof/

“Team memory, organisational sharing and serendipity in distributed workplaces” https://emilywebber.co.uk/team-memory-organisational-sharing-and-serendipity-in-distributed-workplaces/

Been watching a lot of films at home recently. Finally saw Dunkirk last weekend, and thought it was ok. Seemed very disjointed to me. Then over a few weeknight sittings, got to the end of Heart of Stone, on Netflix. Gal Gadot as Tom Cruise in a Mission:Impossible type thing. Entertaining enough, but hard to care for any of the characters that were still alive at the end.

This looks a great online event about data stuff: https://lu.ma/roots-of-data-for-ngos