Launching the DigitalCllr survey

I’ve been doing work with local councillors for some time now – helping them see how they can use the internet to better engage with citizens, and communicate with them too. This takes the form of running training workshops usually. There’s probably a better way of doing it, but they are probably a bit tricky […]

What I’ve been reading

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. What we talk about when we talk about RSS – A useful bit of background to the future of RSS debate. Media Trust explains how local news hubs will work – David Wilcox follows up the story. Civil Servant 2.0 (PDF warning) – Interesting ebook […]

‘Official’ local gov blogging

Simon writes a nice post celebrating the existence of the new official BIS blog, and provides a handy list of existing Whitehall “formal, properly-designated corporate ‘blogs’”. Here they are – I’ve also added UKTI’s blog to the list, which I’m sure Simon will do too on his when he gets a moment: Foreign Office Ministry […]

Digital local resources – and a bit about Your Square Mile

Continuing the posts about local digital communities, here are a couple of links to interesting research and publications on the subject, which I’ve been giving a re-read recently. The Online Neighbourhood Networks Study – from Hugh Flouch and Kevin Harris. Loads of great resources and insight here. Joining the Conversation: an introduction to hyperlocal media […]

Bookmarks for October 30th through December 10th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. Living with rats: Nine signposts towards Our Society – Good stuff from @juliandobson Wikileaks and the Long Haul – Shirky on Wikileaks What the attacks on WikiLeaks tell us – John Naughton nails it on the Wikileaks saga. Budget consultation approaches by Michele Ide-Smith – Nice summary […]

Democracy, decisions and politicians

I’m thrashing around with a post about consultation, engagement and crowdsourcing and why efforts in this direction haven’t been massively successful for governments – whether in the UK or elsewhere. I’ll get it into a fit state to publish one day, maybe. Catherine Howe (CEO of Public-I) is carrying out some research into how all […]