This blog – what’s it for?

A good question.

I’m liking this so much I think I’m going to make this my main blog. The WikiBlog can remain just that – blogging the updates and new pages on the website.

Here is where I will do all my main blogging, on work, life, books, the ‘net and everything else. Hopefully it will entertaining for anyone who comes across it.

You never know- stranger things have happened (Probably).

2 thoughts on “This blog – what’s it for?”

  1. How about:

    ‘Scrutiny Blog’
    ‘Latest News from Dave Blog’
    Dave’s Comment Blog
    etc etc

    Hope you have fun thinking of a new name – gr8 site – well done!

    Melissa – Boris Johnson’s Office

  2. Thanks for the kind comments and the suggestions Melissa. Half the trouble with the name is the fact that I seem to be writing on just about anything that comes to mind, so it’s tricky to pick one that isn’t too specific!

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