The Wasp Factory

I’m going to try and blog more about the books I am reading at the time, my thoughts and stuff as I am going through them. This will be especially true when I embark upon Ulysees, which will need plenty of notes taking just so I know what the hell is going on, I reckon. In fact, I’ll create a a sub-category under reading of Book Blogging, so all these notes can be pulled together.

The Wasp Factory is weird. Now, I like weird, and I am not squeamish in the least. But this book is so strange. The atmosphere, which I have seen described as ‘gothic’, which I guess it must be, is just so unsettling. The world that Frank, a sixteen year old, lives in is so different to anyone elses, yet similar enough to be very disconcerting. I’m about to start Chapter 4. This is peculiar but gripping.

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