Blog Client?

One thing I would like to have in my ideal blogging tool is a client that sits on my PC, enabling me to write posts and things, which could then be uploaded when I connect to the internet. WordPress doesn’t offer this, sadly, but given that I spend all day at work, where I can’t install software anyway, it’s academic. Oh, to work from home!

Anyway, I have come up with a modest solution, which is to have a Notepad file open all the time called ‘blognotes’. I type in my posts as I think of them, along with the time that I wrote it. It’s then a case of copying and pasting them into WordPress when I get the chance, altering the timestamp as necessary.

This also has the advantage that posts get reviewed, which means I don’t end up posting something really stupid. Possibly. One thing I have noticed though, is that when copying and posting from Notepad, turn off word wrap before you do it (from the Format menu). Otherwise your line breaks can go a little crazy.

3 thoughts on “Blog Client?”

  1. You should try Blogjet BlogJet. It supports WordPress in a very good way. Easy and fast. Store local or on server (as draft or live).
    It is possible to edit the properties too: Comments (allowed/forbidden), Trackback (allowed/forbidden), Keywords, Excerpt, timestamp etc etc. Great!!!

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