More Wasp Factory

10.15 Am now on page 132 of The Wasp Factory now, roughly the half-way point. It isn’t getting any more normal! Banks’ writing, though, is superb. He keeps it full of dark suspense, and the black humour is hilarious and horrific. I wanted to read this partly because I knew it to be somewhat macabre and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. I can imagine it being a book I would want to re-read, though obviously not exactly for pleasure…

3 thoughts on “More Wasp Factory”

  1. Page 132, halfway? My edition of The Wasp Factory has 184 pages (sad how I know that precisely, but what do you expect of me?) so I am guessing they’ve done another bumping-up to make thick thickies more likely to buy it on account of how fat books are better value than thin books. Ooh it makes me mad…

    Oh and. The original paperback of the Wasp Factory had a great gothicky typeface which actually added to the creepiness of the book. I suppose it’s all blandified now. Harrumph.

  2. Mine has 244 pages, it’s one of the re-issues from a couple of years ago. The text is in what looks like 1.5 line spacing and the margains are very generous!

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