1st Chapter of Blog Book Free

The first chapter and table of contents for a new book, Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies (slightly awkward title) by Susannah Gardner is available for download from Buzz Marketing with Blogs.

It makes for interesting reading.

Traditional business marketing is changing. More ads, catchier slogans, louder television commercials, brighter colors…everything’s been done to catch the consumer’s eye. Your company may have a great product that people love, but if you can’t make them pick you out of a crowd, you’re sunk.

So what’s the solution?

Stop talking at consumers, and start talking to them. Begin a conversation with them that encourages them to talk to others about your business or product. That’s what buzz marketing with blogs is all about: getting a conversation going between business and consumer.

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  1. A better title would of been “Marketing with Blogs for Dummies”. Using the word buzz in this day and age can sound tacky…

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