Watching and Reading

Watched Shaun of the Dead last night, an Amazon Rental DVD. The only one of the three that arrived on Friday without a crack in it.

Shaun of the Dead

Still, it was an excellent, funny film and I recommend it.

I emailed Amazon on Friday night about the bust DVDs, and got an email back saying replacements were sent out on Saturday, which means I should get them Monday, which shouldn’t be too bad I guess.

Am reading Chaucer by Peter Ackroyd now. It’s interesting stuff and really well written, and delightfully short, so I will hopefully get it finished today.

Chaucer, Ackroyd

2 thoughts on “Watching and Reading”

  1. They come in a rather smart envelope, with the disc in a hardly-bigger-than-a-dvd round plastic case. The cool thing is that you rip one side of the envelope off, then stick down a flap, and there’s your envelope to send it back to Amazon. Very neat. It’s a shame that two of my first three came in knackered, but as I mention above, they have been pretty quick at rectifying it. I would seriously recommend this service!

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