8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs

8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs from Vaspers the Grate

8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs:
Blog Revelations from Otherwhere

(1.) Blogs will be interesting…or die.

(2.) Blogs will be unusual, abnormal, unique…or die.

(3.) Blogs will be practical, helpful, valuable…or die.

(4.) Blogs will be creative, innovative, artistic in both literary and graphic stylings…or die.

(5.) Blogs will be authoritative, reputable, credible, reliable…or die.

(6.) Blogs will be imaginative, original, personalized, customized…or die.

(7.) Blogs will be strong, loud, brilliant, brave…or die.

(8.) Blogs will be ethical, moral, legal and legitimate, altruistic…or die.

One thought on “8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs”

  1. Thank you Dave for posting this article from my site.

    The New Super Blogs are now emerging from the primordial soup of current blogospheric chaos.

    Blogs DO contain content.

    Blogs are for Communication, Collaboration, Collocation, Connectivity, and Community.

    Blogs are activist coordination zones for social transformation and usurping rogue regimes.

    Blogs are the upheaval and usurpation of the communications channels of the Powers that Pretend to Be.

    See my “The Blog Revolution” post of today.

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