Playing with Outlook 2003

I have been playing around with Outlook 2003 in an attempt to get all my email addresses sorted out so that I regularly check them all. Previous attempts to use Thunderbird have failed as I found the way it handles multiple email address clumsy and confusing.

I use Gmail for most of my personal email and am quite happy to leave that as web-based so I can get to it all wherever I am. That leaves the email for this blog, the webmaster addresses for Palimpsest and this site and my Palimpsest email address. None of these get used regularly, maybe a couple of mails a week, but I do need to keep on top of them as often they are queries or requests or help.

These have all been set up in Outlook now, and it works fine. All the messages get downloaded to the inbox and then the ones I keep I sort into relevant folders.

I have just created a new email address though, using the domain, called lists, which I am going to have all my mailing list susbcriptions sent to. This works on Outlook now too, but has the unfortunate effect of completely clogging up my inbox. I had a look at setting up filters to get certain messages downloaded to certain folders, something I had managed in Outlook 2000 fine, but just couldn’t figure it out in this new version. Will have another go tonight.

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  1. Got this to work in the end. A bit of a faff: I had to set up the mailing list addresses as contacts before I could set the rules up. Still, all working now!

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