Weird or What?

Now this is a strange one: looks like someone has started up a blog pretending to be me! And sadly, it isn’t very flattering.

Now who would do such a thing? I guess the best thing I can do is ignore it – it is clearly someone with a lot of issues. They seem to think I am ‘John Self’ – who is a member of Palimpsest. Needless to say, that isn’t me at all! I could only wish to read as many books as John does!

Anyway, whoever you are, rather than continue to blunder around with your misunderstandings, why not get in touch with me here? My comments are always open and my email address is clearly published. I would like to think that if someone had an issue with me, they would come out and discuss it with me sensibly. It’s a shame.

Of course, it wouldn’t be such an issue if it was actually funny.

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