The problem with MyPimp, Bookmarking update

Have started to use MyPimp as I need a calendar and it makes sense to have one online. The contacts bit might be useful too.

However, there is a big problem with it at the moment and that is that it only supports american date formats, i.e. today on MyPimp is 11/5/05, wheras my brain thinks it is 5/11/05. I didn’t think this would be that much of an issue, but it genuinely is very annoying and I can’t see myself using it until that is sorted.

On the bookmarking front, there’s just no way I can do it. I know I only set myself the challenge to record my site visits for one weekend, but I am already bored. It just ain’t for me…

4 thoughts on “The problem with MyPimp, Bookmarking update”

  1. I understand how you feel! Frankly, I’m amazed that all of our international users have put up with it so far. I wouldn’t write MyPIMP off yet though, we’re working very hard to get updates done, one of which will ofcourse include better date representation for the rest of the world.

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