Back now

Well, I am back now and should be posting again more often.

Here’s a few things I have been playing around with recently, some of these things may never see the light of day.

  • I’m looking into trying to do for football discussion what Palimpsest did for books. Still not sure on the title. Stewart, who is helping me out, suggests Goal Mouths but my original idea was the slightly clumsier My Cultured Left Foot. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The site is hidden away here. It’s running on phpBB at the moment, as I doubt numbers will be great enough to warrant the investment into VBulletin, say.
  • I have installed a version of Drupal, which lifts various stylings and user accounts from a Vbulletin install. I had the idea as I wanted a CMS that could create some sort of directory of authors, with biographical information, bibliographies, appropriate links and whatnot. Am not entirely convinced just yet, as Drupal seems to be more of a blogging platform than anything else, but more playing might reveal a way in which it could be used. The work in progress is here. Drupal is being used in the interesting Open Source Theology project.
  • I received a job lot of Ubuntu CDs at the weekend. 32 and 64 bit ones, and some Mac ones too. If anyone would like one, email me your details and I will post it through.

2 thoughts on “Back now”

  1. Sorry mate, Stewart’s name is far better – Goal Mouths! Brilliant!

    Glad to see you let me in on the ground floor of this one! Tch! (Yeah yeah, I hate football as well you knew…)

  2. Well, quite. I would have consulted you, obviously, but your expertise is elsewhere really! Pleased you like it, and Goal Mouths it is.

    Will get a proper URL sorted out this week hopefully, and then we can start promoting it properly.

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