The Palimpsest Authors Directory is up and running, and the slog is now to get some content in there. Most of it is being cut and pasted from Wikipedia, which is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

This means that we can copy the material, and amend it, as long as we credit the original source and publish our versions under the FDL too, which I obviously have no problem with.

The bit that really takes the time is looking for links to Palimpsest threads, and setting up the bibliogrpahies to link to the Palimpsest Amazon account. But we’ll get there in the end!

2 thoughts on “PAD”

  1. Thanks Rick. It will hopefully be of some use, but the main aim is that it will serve nicely as a Google trap, with loads of information hopefully it will help attract people to the main business of Palimpsest, the forums.

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