Tree, by Chillicheese

Been browsing through Flickr and found this beauty from Chillicheese: Palimper and blogger.

I have recently become a ‘pro’ member of flickr, largely so that I can dump loads of family photos for distant family members to see, so they are mostly private. But I am interested in taking more photos more often, not just when we go for a trip out somewhere.

A digital camera is an amazing thing really, when you think about it. Being able to take as many photos as you like, print out some if you want to, send them to friends. I guess it gives you the chance to take risks, wheras before one might have been worried about wasting exposures. Just take loads of photos and sift through them on the PC when you get home. Brilliant.

2 thoughts on “Tree, by Chillicheese”

  1. glad you liked this one, it’s one of my favourites but hasn’t received much critical acclaim (until now !). It was one of those moments when an image jumps out at you and has to be snapped.

  2. The secret to making people think you take good pictures (which a few naive acquaintances in real life have accused me of) is to take absolutely loads but only show a very few. I reckon I have ten unseen pictures on my hard drive for every one that’s up on Flickr.

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