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Analyst claims so: “We believe that Google is in the midst of creating its own iTunes competitor, which we’ve dubbed ‘Google Tunes. We think this is a logical step, now that the nascent Google Video product has been introduced.”

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Hmmm. Does anyone know of a non-evil, non-megalomaniac search engine I could use?

This is my first post from digg, and it seems pretty cool. digg puts the links (the ones inside the quote) right at the bottom of a post, but I think I prefer them inside the quote, certainly above my comments, which means an edit. Still, I have to do that anyway to add in the categories, and the real time saved is in copying and pasting the links.

This is going to mean I will hardly write any original posts in the WordPress editor at all! When I am at home I tend to use the Performancing Firefox extension for writing posts, when browsing with FeedDemon I use BlogJet. Both these products automatically quote text and links for me, speeding up the process a good deal.

In fact, while I am at it, something that annoys me about the editor in WordPress 2 – when I select text and hit the link button to make that text a hyperlink, it doesn’t automatically add in the http:// bit for me, which was a real time saver in previous versions.

Also, it would be good if you could define a set list of links, which if that word was used in a post it automatically parses it into a hyperlink. You could make is case dependent, so camel-casing would prevent many mix-ups. So, everytime I typed WordPress, on publishing the post, that word was made to link back to everytime, meaning I don’t have to bother. That would be cool.

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  2. The good thing about Gigablast is the gigabits. Don’t get me wrong: the cache is older than many other engines, but most of my searches are for fairly static pages which get drowned out in the SEO wars. I also love links to other engines along the bottom edge: I think altavista used to do that until it jumped the shark.

    I have a fairly large (30 or 40k) bookmarks file which I use first – and the links on my own site, too. Many seem to have forgotten how to bookmark in a structured way and the point of having a personal home page, or maybe they never knew because it’s still September.

  3. How have you got your bookmarks set up? As a separate HTML file on your PC, or online? Or are they just saved in your browser?

    For the sites I use regularly, I find it quicker just to type in the URLs, to be honest.

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