Vecosys launches

Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher, erstwhile editors of Techcrunch UK have launched their own site covering ‘Web 2.0, mobile and new technology firms in Europe’ called Vecosys.

Not sure what I make of that name, and the domain forwarding thing they have got going there is pretty annoying – all the pages seem to be held on a Glaxstar server.

The incident which caused the two to leave Techcrunch was explained from TC head honcho Mike Arrington today. It sure is a mess.

Update: Sam Sethi has counterposted giving his version of events. It is difficult to know who to believe, but as much as I like reading TechCrunch, my instinct is to side with the underdogs…
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4 thoughts on “Vecosys launches”

  1. Oh yeah. He SO explained it. Because Mike Arrington never has an axe to grind or his interests to protect. Please read Sethi’s response on CrunchNotes and then re-assess your post.

  2. I literally just did, Mike! Sam puts his side of the argument well. It’s just a shame it’s come to this, I guess.

    Best of luck with the new venture – I subscribed straight away.

  3. David the early teething problems with the DNS and redirects are annoying for us too. Sorry about this we hope to have them fixed in the next few days.

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