Zoho and Omnidrive

More catching up here. Aravind emailed me a few days ago about Zoho‘s new tie in with Omnidrive.

Readers of this blog know exactly who Zoho are (the best online office guys IN THE WORLD!) – but who Omnidrive?

Well, they are an online storage company, of course. A bit like Box.net, who I have always used up till now.

The two companies have come up with a really cool tie-in though, whereby various documents stored on Omnidrive can be loaded up easily into the appropriate Zoho editor. As the Zoho blog says:

What does this mean? Well, if you have your documents online in OmniDrive, you can view/edit these documents just by double clicking on them. The documents then are opened in Zoho Applications.

I immediately signed up for a free Omnidrive account (like Box.net, it gives you 1gb of storage for nothing) and tried it out. It works like a dream!

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