LGNM Podcast #1 – WordPress

Here’s the first LGNewMedia podcast. It’s the first in a short series about some of the great social media and Web2.0 tools that are available. This first one is about WordPress. I hope you enjoy it – please leave a comment with any feedback or queries.


Download the podcast here.

Show notes, including transcript of the podcast and all relevant links, have been posted to the wiki.

4 thoughts on “LGNM Podcast #1 – WordPress”

  1. Not a hint of an argument from me as regards WordPress: quite simply, it’s best of breed. I’d hesitate to use the word ‘CMS’, since that tends to imply things like version control and workflow, which WordPress – by default? – doesn’t do. But the reality is… most websites, and I’d go as far as to say most organisations, don’t need a ‘CMS’.

    WordPress is free, typically installs in seconds, and does everything you need it to do (and more). Producing custom themes isn’t as difficult as the documentation makes it seem, incidentally. If PHP intimidates you, there’s plenty you can do with CSS and a theme like Sandbox.

    Not sure about the phone-in podcast though, Dave. The quality is inevitably a bit rough… and yet it’s being delivered as a high-quality MP3 file (128kbps). For me, it’s one or other: I’ll accept poor audio if I’m getting a tiny file as a trade-off.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Simon. The use of the phone is just a short term thing till I get a working microphone sorted out. To be honest, I could have spent a little longer in Audacity editing it to make it a little better quality-wise.

    As regards CMS, well it clearly isn’t as sophisticated as many out there. But in terms of a quick and dirty solution, with static home pages and the simple privileges system, it’ll do for a lot of projects.

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