VodPod is a really cool way of collecting and republishing video. The way it works is this: you create a pod, which is a library of video you have chosen as being particularly good, and then add to it using a bookmark in your browser. Easy. The videos can be hosted on YouTube, Google, blip.tv… anywhere!

The other cool thing that VodPod allows you to do is add a widget to your web site, allowing people to watch the latest things added to your pod. You can see the LGNewMedia version in the sidebar to the right of the screen. Just click a video to launch a pop up media player. Nice!

There is a social element to VodPod too. Anyone can join a pod and start adding material to it. So feel free to visit the LGNewMedia one and add some video!


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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words about our service. Please be in touch with any ideas or suggestions about how we can improve it!

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