Sometimes Search IS Broken!


Now, this is the future of web search:

How can you really claim to explore the web when your search engine only returns the results you are looking for?

You can’t. That’s why returns results from all across the web regardless of what you search for…

Now some people will say our service isn’t useful but to that we say, “Look Michael Arrington, Jason Calacanis and every venture capital company we pitched this too – what people really want is to discover what they weren’t looking for! Heck, Columbus was searching for India when he found America and that seemed to work out for everyone didn’t it?”

Just what we all need!

One thought on “Sometimes Search IS Broken!”

  1. I assume this is some sort of gimmick. I certainly can’t take it seriously (and clicking on the links on the home page would lead me to believe we’re not meant to take it seriously). Any search engine worth its salt will aim to provide a high percent relevance in the results returned for any search query. Serendipity is more a feature of an individual’s personal interests, and hence coupling fuzzy logic with some understanding of the user’s interests (personalisation) is probably a more relevant goal. If a user is aiming for unpredictable results, then probably best to use something like Stumble – though at least this does add some value by building up a profile of a users likes and dislikes.

    I think I’ll stick with Stumble for my serendipitous searches for now!

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