Gearing Up

Google Gears Remember the Milk

Google Gears is already being picked up by third party developers, as reported by LifeHacker. Remember the Milk is a nice online social task (or todo list) manager. Only now it’s offline too.

As reported on the Remember the Milk blog:

Anything that you do offline will be synchronized when you come back online. You can move seamlessly between online and offline modes — RTM will automagically detect when you don’t have an Internet connection, and will have your tasks ready for you. If you’re expecting to go offline (for instance, those fun-filled 14 hours flying from Sydney to San Francisco), you can also manually switch into offline mode. Then, when you’re bored of the repeating in-flight movies, you can pull out RTM and methodically tag and locate all of your tasks.

I was thinking that it would be good for someone to maintain a central resource of Gears enabled sites – and of course Wikipedia already has it. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the list as it develops.

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  1. The ability to use Google docs and spreadsheets in off-line or on-line mode is becoming a more compelling alternative to Microsoft’s expensive and bloated Office products. Mr Gates et al must be getting worried!

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