Hello world!

I know, I know. It seems like I start a new blog every 5 minutes. But this is different. This time, I’m staying put.

The whole FEconnect thing didn’t work for me, in the end. This was a big shame, because the blog proved pretty popular quite quickly. But what I realised was that there wasn’t any FE content on there. When I thought about it more, I realised there probably never would be. I’m better writing generally about web 2.0 and social media, how it can be applied to community building and online collaboration, without the added hassle of tying it into a specific sector.

So, DavePress. Non-sector specific. It’s just about me, and what I think, what I am interested in. I’m hoping that all the people who read LGNewMedia, FEconnect, and the various other bits I have done will tune in here and find stuff that will interest them. I’m sure they will.

The blog is still being built, but I will start adding content from now. Hope it’s useful.