7 thoughts on “Pageflakes screencast on blip.tv”

  1. Hi Dave – when I view the screencast embedded on this page, and also the original on the blip.tv channel, I can only see a static image. Is there something wrong at my end, or at the blip.tv end?

    Stuart Reid

  2. Stuart, no need to adjust your set, that’s just my long and rambling introduction. As an opening to an online video, I appreciate that it’s as dull as ditchwater. But, hey! it’s my first go 😉

  3. Hi Dave – clearly not that dull, as I did manage to listen to several minutes’ worth! 🙂

    What was odd was that the picture doesn’t seem to change at all at any point, when you are clearly describing what you are doing on the page (and I fast-forwarded on the blip.tv page and still no change). So it isn’t acting as a screencast – it’s just a static image with audio attached. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my original comment.


  4. Bloody hell, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that – there’s a huge delay on the sound.

    Will upload it again and see if that sorts the problem out. Thanks for spotting it.


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