Two point oh? Or zero?

The BBC are coming up with guidance on how staff should pronounce the phrase “Web 2.0”. Is it, for example:

  • Web two point oh
  • Web two point zero
  • Web two dot oh
  • Web two
  • etc etc etc…

I have always been a two point oh kinda guy myself, which puts me in line with most folk. I do think there is a nice simplicity to just web two,  but it misses the essential nerdiness of the extra version number, redundant as it may be.

What’s your preferred pronunciation?

5 thoughts on “Two point oh? Or zero?”

  1. Heh. That’s what Mrs DavePress says. Only, whenever I give my phone number, I always say oh instead of zero, or nought.

    Maybe I’v just got some sort of really specific dyslexia…

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