Mec Puck Z

…is the name of the artistic creation that young Master DavePress produced using the graphics tablet just now. He has given it the title ‘Mec Puck Z’. Don’t ask, I didn’t dare.

Mec Puck Z

(Warning: it’s a pretty big download!)

I am sure you all agree it’s a real work of art. He loves the tablet though – makes using the computer far easier and more intuititive.

2 thoughts on “Mec Puck Z”

  1. I love my pen too. If you weren’t a Mac geek I’d point you at Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now that does change the way you interact. And no, the Mac equivalent just doesn’t do it.

  2. Yeah, the pen’s great. Makes you wonder why the mouse was ever invented when there was a perfectly good mechanism already existed (kinda).

    I know a bit about DNS – I used to work at the Computing Services at Cambridge Uni, and a colleague used to be the guy that wrote the documentation for it.

    I was talking about it this afternoon, actually, with Mrs DavePress. I was teasing her saying that now I have a mobile broadband dongle for the laptop, I could browse the web while driving with something like DNS. She was horrified.

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