New toy

On the way home from work last night I bought myself a little treat:

Wacom Bamboo 1

It’s a Wacom Bamboo 1 graphics tablet – just the basic model for playing with. One of the things I will start using it for is creating Sketchcasts, which look like a really cool mashup of lo- and hi-tech. Here’s an example which describes what they are all about:

4 thoughts on “New toy”

  1. Good move Dave. I bought a Wacom tablet a couple of years back, and simply would never be without one again. Haven’t seen the relatively new Bamboo, but my Volito is absolutely rock-solid and totally reliable.

    For those who haven’t yet seen them… the key is that the pen is wireless, and doesn’t even need a battery. Some kind of magnetic magic, I believe. Most cheaper solutions have either a cable, or a battery (or both?).

  2. Simon – cool. Good to hear it’s actually a decent purchase!

    Nick – you’re right and I am looking forward to letting my 6 year-old loose on it and a painting application!

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