5 things every blog needs

I am trying to come up with a short, snappy list of things that a blog has to have if it is going to have any chance of being successful. I want to limit it to five. So far, I have come up with:

  1. Authenticity – your voice has to be genuine
  2. Regularity – you don’t have to post three times a day, but a regular flow of new content is vital
  3. Responsive – respond to comments, and what’s going on outside your blog
  4. Integration – it’s not just the blog, it’s flickr, del.icio.us, youtube, twitter etc etc
  5. Identity – The blog is the author’s space on the web – make sure it represents you well

I am not sure if 1 and 5 are repeating themselves. Has anyone got any comments or suggestions on how this list can be improved?

Published by

Dave Briggs

Digital oddbod.