Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday today, I am now in my 30th year. 29 years old! Hopefully this won’t mean lots of pontificating over the next 12 months about what I have achieved, and what I am going to do with myself in the future.

Anyway, I had some lovely gifts, including a top selection of dead tree web 2.0 reading material:

The Future of the Internet Everything is Miscellaneous Groundswell
The Future of the Internet
Johnathan Zittrain
Everything is Miscellaneous
David Weinberger
Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff

Plenty to get my teeth into there.

I also got lots of lovely birthday well-wishes via Twitter and Facebook – so thanks to everyone for that. Best of all though was this from Paul Caplan via Flickr:

Birthday greeting from Paul

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me”

  1. Happy beltaed birthday, Dave! Would love to know your thoughts on everything is Miscellaneous. I found it inspiring but didn’t see much of a buzz about it – at least from UK bloggers I read.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Simon! Those folk who I know have read EiM are either inspired, like you, or completely scathing. Am just about to start it – will let you know!

    I sometimes wonder whether we should all start a book group for Web 2.0 reading – there is plenty of books to get through!

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